Walsh Duffield

A new web presence for the Walsh family.


Walsh Duffield is a local insurance firm that was looking for a web presence for their family-owned company. At 19 IDEAS we worked on a new website, creative work, and updated messaging to communicate their brand and values.


My role involved working on the user experience and design of the website along with accompanying design work.


  • Design
  • UI+UX


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The Walsh Website

The new responsive website design updates the Walsh Duffield web presence into a new, interactive, sleek presentation. The design was built very modular to look great across devices to appeal to both young and older demographics on mobile and desktop.

Designed a modular system to be responsive across devices

Introduced a streamlined and restructured sitemap and content strategy

Featuring an interactive tree timeline of company history

Featuring 19 IDEAS shot photography and video


For the homepage, we wanted to communicate a brief overview of the Walsh Duffield Company's family values approach to their business. Being one of the oldest family-owned companies in Buffalo and how they treat their employees and customers, we wanted to convey that to the public.

Walsh Duffield Homepage
Walsh Duffield Homepage

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Streamlined & Refined

The new sitemap for Walsh Duffield streamlined and restructured the content from their original website. The goal was to keep information clear and concise as well as easily accessible. To accomplish this many pages were trimmed and combined to create this new structure.

Walsh Duffield Sitemap

About Walsh

Through the homepage, we dive deeper into Walsh's values and history, capping it off with a video (produced by 19 IDEAS) and an interactive timeline following tree rings.

Walsh Duffield Homepage
Walsh Duffield Homepage

I’m scrollable

Early Concepts

Here are some of the early wireframes I had developed for the Walsh Duffield website. You can start to see early on that everything was built very modular in order to work seamlessly over different devices. There were a couple shifts based on content and messaging in the final layout including the inclusion of the interactive staff/customer module on the homepage. Originally we were going to have side by side comparisons and differentiate the business and personal lines of service. The final approach that made it to final design was a more concise and streamlined approach.

Walsh Duffield About
Walsh Duffield About

Print Work

In addition to completing the web redesign for Walsh Duffield, I completed various other graphic design work as well including print advertising.

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