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The University at Buffalo School of Management came to 19 IDEAS in search for a new look and messaging to roll out alongside with their updated MBA programs.


As an organization we provided design, development, and messaging to aid in their reach out to current and potential students about program changes. My role was to design much of the material including landing pages, content guides, eBrochures, email templates, info-graphics, and digital advertising.


  • Design
  • UI+UX


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Landing Pages

For the project, four landing pages were designed and developed. We have one for each MBA program (Executive MBA, Professional MBA, and Full-Time MBA) along with a fourth comparison page which has a chart that puts the programs side-by-side. The goal of the landing pages was to be informative and generate leads on potential students to supply them with the necessary materials.

Lead generation forms to put information in the hands of prospective students

A comparison chart breaks down the differences between programs

Detailed overview information for prospective MBA students

Highlighting awards and accolades the management school has received

An Overview & Choices

I designed a landing page template that the 3 programs and the comparison landing page followed to help keep everything consistent with each other that way potential students surveying the various options had context as they looked at each program side-by-side. This would also help with copy writing and messaging as they all had a set structure to follow.
UB School of Management
UB School of Management
UB School of Management
UB School of Management

Email Templates

A set of email templates were designed based off of their current emails to modernize them. Multiple hero images with different students and tag lines were also designed to be easily rotated in.

UB School of Management Homepage
UB School of Management Homepage

Info Graphics

A set of info graphics were designed to help prospective students get a high-level introduction to the MBA programs UB offers. Info graphics comparing each program and showing the return on investment statistics in graphical illustrations.

UB School of Management
UB School of Management
UB School of Management

Charts & Tables

Some of these charts were included in the eBrochures and others provided separately as updated versions of past charts they have used. The new charts were streamlined and rearranged as well as designed to match UB's recent brand guidelines roll out.

Scheduling & Curriculum

I also used charts to layout the schedule and curriculum for each of the programs for an easy to view overview of what you would be learning as a student and how long it would take. Alternate charts also included the tuition costs as well.


An eBrochure for the Executive MBA and the Professional MBA were designed to help inform and promote the programs. Throughout each brochure testimonials of alumni, information about the program and staff members, charts and schedules, and links to further information was provided in this interactive PDF.

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