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Storillo came to me looking for a new website. They had a fresh brand and growing their SaaS product for schools and needed to new site to get the word out.


I delivered a fresh new Wordpress based website along with graphics elements to extend and compliment the brand they have began to build. The website is a success and Storillo is seeing an up tick in customers leading glowing reviews of their great software platform.


  • Design
  • Development
  • UI+UX


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The Storillo Website

The website redesign took the logo design and pallet developed by Helm UX and grow it's application. The site uses a new set of illustrations, icons, and graphical motifs to ring a playful atmosphere while also communicating to teachers and administrators the value Storillo brings to their schools

Designed a responsive scaffold to be responsive across devices

Implemented a concise and streamlined sitemap to deliver their messaging

A selection of of playful imagery display throughout the site

A dynamic FAQ gives teachers administrators a play-by-play of Storillo's benefits


The goal of the homepage is to be a story driven landing page discussing the benefits and features of the Storillo platform and presenting their upfront and transparent pricing model.


The infrastructure was also laid for growth with a blog design when the time comes.

Storillo Homepage


With the about page and their sub-pages we learn about the two founders of Storillo, their process with the Golden Circle, their transparent pricing philosophy, and proven results with their group work gallery.

Time Line

The timeline page was built to show the evolution of Storillo from it's conception to the product and organization it is today, illustrating their many accomplishments along the way.

Storillo Homepage


The FAQ was built around several questions asked about Storillo presented in an easy to navigate dynamic page.

Storillo Homepage

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