Savarino Companies

Fresh Scoffolding & Paint


Savarino Companies approached 19 IDEAS with a need for a website refresh for a modern look, mobile friendly design, and ease-of-use upgrade. The new build would need showcase their integrated team of construction managers, developers and property managers in a sophisticated, yet user-friendly way.


The design I developed highlights their vast portfolio of projects but serves as a channel to facilitate connections for new projects and projects in progress in an easy to update interface. The 19 IDEAS team built the site using a custom Wordpress developed site.


  • Design
  • UI+UX


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Construction Showcase

The new Savarino website design focused heavily on ease of use for presenting projects and featuring impactful imagery from those projects in responsive design.

Large dynamic photography highlights their achitecture

A flexible design for a great experience accross devices

A restructured sitemap makes finding information easy

A reliable and easy to maintain back-end

The Homepage


The homepage offers a hub to the 3 pillars of Savarino Companies with Property Management, Construction, and Development in a graphical way to highlight their architectural design. These are accessible in the hero above the fold and below where you can get an overview of the 3 most recent entries


We also offer the 3 most recent news mentions with a few different post-type options and calls to action to projects open for bid, a list of projects, and a way to submit qualifications for partnerships.

Savarino Companies Homepage

Filterable Company Projects

With each of the 3 Savarino I had designed an overview page that describes what each of the companies does along with a filterable project portfolio.

Savarino Companies About
Savarino Companies About

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