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ROAR Logistics came to 19 IDEAS looking a new modern look to bring their site into the present. Our goal was to provide a rich visual feel that utilized to companies modern and sleek look.


We delivered a modern and responsive website that with strong imagery and visual elements. My role in the project was the user experience and design of the website.


  • Design
  • UI+UX


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The ROAR Website

The ROAR website redesign took a previously unresponsive site and overhauled it featuring large and dynamic photography. We developed a concise and clear site map to allow the user to get an overview of the logistics offerings ROAR provides.

Designed a responsive scaffold to be responsive across devices

Introduced a streamlined and restructured sitemap and content strategy

A dynamic diesel price display throughout the site

Large and dynamic photography gives a rich and dynamic look and pairs with marketing materials


The goal of the homepage was to give easy access to the client logins (highlighted in red in the hero) and give overview access about the company's services (used with the interactive accordion in the hero and dynamic photo background) and content below. We highlighted affiliate logos to show the extent of their partnerships and pair it with a contact form to learn more. Rounding out the homepage we highlight the latest blog posts, a live updating reading of diesel prices (this was a carry-over from the original site as it impacts the costs of shipping), and company contact information.

ROAR Logistics Homepage


We dive deeper into the company's profile while still weaving in their service landing pages and blog feed

ROAR Logistics Homepage


Each service follows the same blueprint with impactful photography, a brief overview of the service, and a bulleted list of their capabilities.

ROAR Logistics Homepage


The news page was targeted to have the company be able to share their insights, company updates, and industry news to further credibility and build up becoming an industry thought leader.

ROAR Logistics

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