Person Centered Services

A fresh start for a new transition.


Person Centered Services came to 19 IDEAS in search for a new look to roll out alongside with their becoming a Care Coordination Organization this year.


As an organization we provided design, development, and messaging to aid in their transition. My role comprised of creating the organization's brand with accompanying collateral and a new website I designed and co-developed.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development
  • UI+UX


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The Mark

The mark for Person Centered Services combines elements of the up stretched arms of a hopeful/joyful person along with a flourishing tree of life. The blue and green color combination was inspired by their original branding to tie the two together. Along with refreshing the green and blue, the goal was also to introduce various complimentary accent colors that can pair well with the new mark.

Brand Gradients

To add some vibrancy and life to the brand that can be used in a variety of applications, two gradient swatches were designed combining the two primary colors of the mark and two of the new secondary brand colors. These are used for solid backgrounds, accents, and overlays to brighten up the work and subject matter.

A Responsive Brand

When designing the logo it was intended from the start to be adaptable to various sizes and applications. Going from top to bottom we start with the full logo with tag line. This is used primarily in large applications and signage. Secondly is the primary full mark which will be used in the majority of applications. Thirdly, is the logo mark itself. This is intended for smaller applications or use scenarios where the brand name is already established. Therefore the mark will show up in social media profile photos, accents of print pieces, and small applications in the print and digital spaces. Lastly, there is a distilled mark to its bare essence of the outstretched arms. This is for only for use cases of extreme tiny-ness, i.e. the site's favicon.

Brand Guidelines

Upon completion of the of the brand, one of the deliverables I provided is a detailed brand guide which provides logo usage, logo responsive breakdowns, color swatches and their codes, and the brand's typography.

Print & Stationary

During their transition, Person Centered Services had a couple use cases they need to address that one business card wouldn't be able to clearly articulate. To solve this there are three business card designs that can be used. The first is the general staff card which contains all of that employee's necessary contact information. Secondly, is their general contact card. These were designed to be printed en masse to be handed out with collateral, at events, and so on for general awareness purposes. Lastly, the third card was designed to be filled in by newly transitioning care coordinators. Since these coordinators were located throughout the organizations' service area and the transition was a swift one, this was a way to get branded materials in their hands quickly.

Folder Tool Kit

To help address all the questions to the families receiving care that would now be falling under this new organization, a comprehensive folder toolkit was developed to help answer many of those questions. Included in the packet was information regarding what the transition entailed, a set of frequently asked questions, general information about Person Centered Services, and a postcard that can be filled out to indicate if they were going to continue with or opt-out of Person Centered Services after the transition.

The Website

To be a hub for questions and information a website was created for Person Centered Services. The goals of the site were to give a detailed time line of the transition and information about the process, present information for forums that can be attended for in-person questions, provide job postings for their rapidly growing workforce, and general information about the organization itself.

A time line details the organization's transition

A compiled list of FAQs was compiled for all audiences

Detailed overview information for employees and patients

Housed a listing of expanding open career positions


Time Line

For the initial launch of the homepage, we provided a time line or road map of how and when the transition was going to take effect.

By the Numbers

After the July first transition took place we changed around some of the homepage's information and focused on the organization's impact by the numbers.

Person Centered Services Homepage
Person Centered Services Homepage

About PCS

After the goal of delivering information about the organization's transition and the role, we needed to communicate who these people were and put a face to the organization. This is where the about page came where 19 IDEAS shot headshots for the organization's leadership. Since they were rapidly expanding during this period it was necessary to also develop a careers page that could house all of the organization's open positions.

Person Centered Services About
Person Centered Services About


Since the transition was going to entail a lot of changes for both employees and patients of Person Centered Services we wanted to provide quick and easy access to documentation and answers to their questions. These were two of the internal pages developed to do just that by explaining the benefits of the organization and how the transition is going to be a step in the right direction and a breakdown of interactive FAQs.

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