Labatt / Zubaz Promotion

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The challenge of this project was to get the word out about North American Breweries' Labatt Blue Zubaz can partnership 19 IDEAS was tasked to develop a campaign to bring awareness.


The 19 IDEAS PR team ran a targeted campaign reaching out to media influencers. To accomplish this I designed a mailer kit that featured all the can variations along with Labatt and Zubaz swag.


  • Design
  • Product Design
  • Packaging Design


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The Kit

The Theme

I came up with the idea during our brainstorming sessions to present a game day cooler to influencers to be used for tailgating experiences in the tried and true Buffalo tradition. With the constraints of budget and volume, the kit manifested itself as a cardboard box disguised as a custom wrapped Zubaz cooler.

The Reveal

Upon opening the cooler you a greeted with an "icey" cooler full of Labatt beer. The first tray contained all of the can variants in the campaign floating in ice. Digging deeper you'll notice that the interior has two trays. The second tray of ice contained packaged swag that was color coded to that influencer's market.

The Details

To get the illusion of a cooler, no detail was overlooked. This included shadows indicating the 3D trim, textured dots for that classic cooler texture, screws, handles, cup holders, bottom feet, and more...

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