Kore Marketing

A fresh agency brand & web presence.


Kore Marketing was looking for a design refresh and partnership to grow their business.


Coderre Design delivered a fresh new branding package and new website.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development
  • UI+UX


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The Mark

The mark for Kore Marketing Agency combines elements of tech with the binary 1 & 0 as well as playing off an elevated standard of quality by raising the "O" above the bar that is built from the 1 & 0. A streamlined modern palette was introduced to partner with this imagery for a sleek look.

A Responsive Brand

When designing the logo it was intended from the start to be adaptable to various sizes and applications. Going from top to bottom we start with the by-line. This is used primarily in large applications and signage. Secondly is the primary full mark which will be used in the majority of applications. Thirdly, is the 1 & 0 itself. This is intended for smaller applications, backgrounds, and accents, or use scenarios where the brand name is already established. Therefore the mark will show up in social media profile photos, accents of print pieces, and small applications in the print and digital spaces. Lastly, there is a distilled mark to its bare essence of the outstretched arms. This is for only for use cases of extreme tiny-ness, i.e. the site's favicon.

Print & Stationary

To accompany the new brand roll out new business cards, print collateral, and advertisements were implemented.

The Website

To be a hub for questions and information a website was created for Kore Marketing Agency. The goals of the site were to give an outline of the agency's services and capabilities.

Detailed overview information of service offerings

Tailored messaging used throughout the site

A steady dose of contact forms and links to bring in leads

Built on Wordpress for future expandability


The focus of the Kore Marketing homepage was to deliver a message on how they differ from other agencies in that they don't just produce work but they want to be your partner, friend, and succeed with you.

We offer an overview run down of the company's offerings with opportunities to drill in for more information along with a contact form in the footer to work on conversions and outreach right away.

Kore Marketing Homepage

About & Contact

I had designed and built out internal pages detailing more about KORE's values and advantages while keeping a bit of personality. Throughout the site contact information and forms are sprinkled throughout for lead conversion.

Kore Marketing About
Kore Marketing About

Services & Capabilities

Each of the main services that KORE provides is given a page with an outlined description of what is offered and what is delivered. Each service page also includes an FAQ to help answer potential client questions upfront.

Drop a Line

Interested in working together? Want to know the meaning of life (it's 42) or any other questions? Then let's talk and no you can't have my secret chicken wing recipe.