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Giving a voice.


Hodgson Russ came to 19 IDEAS to design and develop two landing pages for their company. The first was for Community Voices which was to become a digital space dedicated to the recognition of inspirational nonprofits instilling meaningful change in Buffalo, New York. The second was for their Whistleblower Practice division of Hodgson Russ. The challenge was explaining the dense subject matter in a way that reflected the tenets of expertise, compassion, sensitivities and respect that resonate with any prospective client.


We delivered to responsive modern landing pages that clearly communicate their messages. Community Voices became an interactive destination for inspirational stories. While the Whistleblower Practice page gives a new approachable and digestible overview of their whistleblower offerings.


  • Design
  • UI+UX


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Community Voices

The over all landing page was designed as an interactive time line based feed as stories were written and posted. These entries would fill on hover and were also sortable.

Hodgson Russ Homepage

Getting the Story

When a quote is clicked the story takes over the page as an overlay and once read the story is sharable on social media.

Hodgson Russ Homepage

Earlier Concepts

Some of my earlier proposed concepts offered the ability for future incorporations of video and audio files to be played. Others included more potential uses of photography. Here you will also get glimpses of some of the alternate color schemes that were in the works.

Hodgson Russ
Hodgson Russ
Hodgson Russ
Hodgson Russ

Whistleblower Promotion

I had designed banner ads to be used by our digital marketing team to get the word out. Knowing the clients Hodgson Russ was hoping to attract wouldn’t search for “whistleblower attorney,” industry specific sites with high-traffic volume were identified to reach users in the government and pharmaceutical industries.


The of the primary goals of the landing page was finding the right voice for the project and at 19 IDEAS we had great writing talent to accomplish that. Design-wise my approach was to incorporate the brand elements of modern angles and the vibrant friendly orange of the Whistleblower division. The page was lauded internally by the leadership.

Calls to Action

Up from the highlighted information is Dan's contact information and informational video to straight to the point.

Backed Information

Diving deeper we offer further information through a resourceful blog, types of fraud, and FAQs

Hodgson Russ Homepage

Drop a Line

Interested in working together? Want to know the meaning of life (it's 42) or any other questions? Then let's talk and no you can't have my secret chicken wing recipe.