Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

A fresh digital coat of paint for the corridor.


The Buffalo Niagara Medical campus was undergoing rebrand and came to 19 IDEAS to helm the new web design and development, and help with the site's subsequent messaging.


My role involved the user experience and design of the new website. We then delivered a modern responsive website to present their content.


  • Design
  • UI+UX


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For the homepage we highlight front and center a video production highlighting the vision of the medical campus. That is shortly followed by key stats to showcase the campus' impact about the campus and their latest blog posts. The Focus areas are the six main pillars of the medical campus and link to their own internal landing pages. The page is rounded out by the BNMC's latest tweets, upcoming events, and the ability to subscribe the BNMC newsletter and take a tour of the campus.

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Homepage

About BNMC

The about page was inverted into brand blue to highlight where you were and the importance of the page. The customer wanted this page to stand out so I had designed page accented by angled background imagery and color change to draw attention to the new content.

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Homepage

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