A Jaunt with Joy

Spreading the Joy on-line.


Joy Sheehan is a world traveler and photographer who was looking to share experiences with the world.


I worked closely with her to design a brand as well as design and develop a website to get her vision out there.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development
  • UI+UX


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Joy's New Logo

Joy came to me with the need to put in graphic form what she had in head. She wanted to incorporate a compass and vibes of travel. The culmination of this is a logo featuring a logo, some whimsy with script to capture Joy's personality, and a plane for her jet-setting adventures.

A Joyful Website

To bring Joy's adventures to the world and allow her to share her experiences I built her a website on the Wordpress platform. Her site contains a log of her adventures, the gear she uses, and tips for would-be adventures as well.

An Interactive Map of Joy's current and past destinations

A Filterable blog feed with featured post banner

A detailed page with links to all the gear Joy uses

Guides and Tips written by Joy for fellow travelers


The homepage features curated and most recent articles, an interactive map of where she's been, and a brief bio that links to her about page.

A Jaunt with Joy Homepage

Drop a Line

Interested in working together? Want to know the meaning of life (it's 42) or any other questions? Then let's talk and no you can't have my secret chicken wing recipe.