A new face for the agency.


19 IDEAS underwent a ground up complete rebrand in which everyone in the company had a hand in it from the design to the messaging.


My role was helping expand the brand based on my colleague's logo design and lead the design of our new website.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development
  • UI+UX


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The 19 IDEAS Website

The responsive website design gives an overview of the agency as whole both work wise and culture wise. Through out the site animated gifs and video are used to liven up the feel of the site as you browse. The site as various integrations designed to keep it a dynamic tool for the agency including, but not limited to Hubspot integrations.

Newly designed case studies for featured products

Designed to feature animated gifs & video through out

Hubspot Integrated through forms, and ebook content

Dynamic leaderboard of the office's ping pong records


On the homepage we highlight life at the company in the homepage's hero, followed by a brief company overview. We follow that up with a handful of featured projects that are linked to their case studies. An introduction to our Hubspot offerings and partnership, the 4 most recent blog posts, and rounded out with video testimonials.

View the updated 2018 design refresh further below.

19 IDEAS Homepage

Built From the Ground Up

The original site for 19 IDEAS was a single page. In this new incarnation we were going to extensively add content to the site. Though we wanted to make sure each page that was added had it's purpose and was easily findable within a click or two. Pages were developed for each of our agency's service pillars to better describe what the agency does and add some SEO juice. A robust work page was designed with individual case studies. A blog and resource center was introduced work company and industry insights. Along with a dynamic Hubspot content form, this is how the new sitemap took shape.

19 IDEAS Sitemap

About 19 IDEAS

On the about page we dive deeper into company culture with more company description, interactive team bios, animated gifs and video, an interactive Q&A about the company name, and lastly our live feed of office ping pong stats.

19 IDEAS About
19 IDEAS About

Hubspot Emails

For 19 IDEAS I worked to design and build a suite of emails in their Hubspot marketing platform. These included an email newsletter (which highlighted monthly articles, past work, and company updates), a website reporting email to offer insights to client's websites, and emails for big announcements and invitations. The reporting email not displayable.



During my time I also worked on the developing ebooks to use for knowledge sharing and lead generation. We had a team of content writers behind each book and my role was to design the book around the content. They were latter uploaded to the 19 IDEAS website to be downloaded for free.

Proposed Site and Branding

Towards the tail end of my full-time work with 19 IDEAS I designed on the side a slew of new design refinements to the agency website and design system as a parting gift. Here is a selection of the pages and design systems in place.

The new designs take many factors into consideration. Lead generation and more calls to action were implemented and shuffled around based on insights from our marketing team's analytics. The design was also streamlined and modernized as well as designed to be even more flexible responsively.

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