2019 In Review

2019 was an interesting year, and in may parts a great one. Here are some of the highlights:

Design & Work Highlights

  • Launched 6 website projects with more in the pipeline.
  • Launched 6 branding projects with more in the pipeline
  • Refreshed Coderre Design’s branding and website by fine tuning it and making the move back to the WordPress platform after a stretch of using a static html site. I have some big plans for 2020 to continue improving and building out the site.
  • One Year at ITX – This past November marks one year at ITX and they have been a great employer from the people I get to work with, to the projects they bring in, and how they treat their employees.
  • Experimenting with new forms of design through dropshipping. I started with a few apparel items and I plan on continuing to build out more, non-Coderre Design focused items as well. I have been rocking one of the hats lately and will be working on a new shirt design in the new year.

Personal Highlights

  • Back playing hockey – This was the year I got back into playing hockey again after a friend from college had been trying to convince me for years to get back into it. It’s the first time I had played regularly on a team since High School outside the odd pick up game here and there and boy did I feel it the first couple games. It’s been totally worth it however and is something I’ll be continuing in 2020.
  • Getting back into fitness more with starting up hockey again, trying to get to the gym on a somewhat more regular basis, and purchased a rowing machine for the house for those days when it’s hard to get motivated to get to the gym.

2019 (and the last bit of 2018) was a year that had many growth and changes. Especially at the tail-end of the year personally that will continue into 2020. It was a time of a lot of career growth and learning. One thing I plan on working on next year is putting more stuff out there to share whether design focused or experience focused.

Now it’s time to use that 2020 hindsight and make 2020 even better. Thank you to all those that have supported me both professionally and personally. It was a pleasure to work on some amazing projects this year