Sunday Sumday 48.19

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, this one is going to be short and sweet since I’m on the road visiting family and stuffing my face with good food.

Something I’m Experimenting With

Lately, I have been experimenting with some new button styles and animations for the fun of it. Maybe I’ll be rolling them out on this site or and or a client site. Some of the bits I have been playing with can be found on freefrontend and css-tricks, both of which have been great sites for discovering new and interesting knowledge.

What I’m Working On

I have been working on a few websites that some of you may know about. One of which is humming along.

I will be tweaking and rolling out a new blog layout for this site and overhauling the layout and designing a new featured image style for Sunday Sumday. This is planned for a December / January release.

Non-Coderre Design merch. I have been experimenting with eCommerce and set up a merch store that has been fun. I have a couple items in there right now but I plan on working on some new items. If you want to support the work that would be greatly appreciated and I plan on making some designs that aren’t Coderre Design focused (such as the 404 Ghost and the I Love Wireframes shirt).

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