Sunday Sumday 46.19

It’s been a productive and busy week. I have been doing a lot of prototyping in my day job for a round of user tests coming up next week for a SaaS product I do the UX and UI for. While by night I have been working on some fun projects. I have rolled out a slew of refreshes o this site over the last 2 weeks and I have a couple client and partner projects that I’m working along with are shaping up in an exciting way

1. A Good Coat is Worth it.

I have always been on the frugal side but when it comes to Buffalo winters a good coat is a nice to have. I had been rocking the same winter coat for maybe 15 years and I finally threw in the towel and said it’s time for an upgrade. This time it’s going to be waterproof too. Because after living in Binghamton, and Buffalo, NY you never know when the weather is going to go from snow to rain, to freezing rain, to snow…

Therefore I upgraded to North Face’s Clement (In Tall) and haven’t been happier with it so far. It’s totally worth saving up for in the early runs so far this year.

2. Ooo… it Moooves…

I have been starting to dabble more into CSS animations again and starting to enjoy it. I’m adding one new animation to one of my site projects that will be out shortly. I’m giving one of the sites I’ve worked on some refreshes and some animations will be in the cards for Kore when the updates roll out sometime next week and I’ll be updating the companion case study to reflect the refresh.

3. ACF Pro is So Nice

After doing a bunch of development over the last few days I can’t believe how valuable ACF Pro has been on some of the projects. It’s a really nice addition when paired with custom post types in WordPress. In fact I use it on this site in some places.

I’m starting to experiment more with it’s Gutenberg block building capabilities now that WP 5.3 has released some refinements to the block builder which is starting to come along.