Sunday Sumday 45.19

I’m stealing this idea a bit from Tim Ferris’s 5 Bullet Friday but with a punny twist, because why not? I figured it’d be a fun experiment for the latest incarnation of the Coderre Design website. For the time being I’m not going to handcuff myself to “5 bullets” for now to feel out what I can consistently post and what has the better value.

A Storefront experiment

When building out the newest Coderre Design, I set up a storefront built on WooCommerce linked to a print-on-demand service to experiment with custom printed products for sale. I don’t have much there yet as of writing this (1 hat and 1 t-shirt), however, I plan to have more soon. It’s a place where I can share some of the designs I have been working on. Plus, I want some cool gear for myself and if other people want to wear it and help out the site then great!

What I’m Listening To

While cranking out some design & code I have been listening to a local band by the name of the Toy Box Brigade on Spotify. I had the pleasure of designing new logos for them to use (which will be on t-shirts soon).

The Toy Box Brigade “Splatter” Look. Comment & like on Dribbble.
The Toy Box Brigade “Splatter” Look. Comment & like on Dribbble.

The splatter has been used as the main look thus far. The band enjoyed both so much they wanted to use the halftone design as an alternate for various applications.

Projects I’m Working

I’m currently working on the branding and new custom-built WordPress site for local dog and cat rescue that I can’t wait to start posting more of. I have finished the branding side of the project and we have recently kicked off designing comps for the website